The new Minimal Invasive Fissure Procedure (MIFP)

What is MIFP?

We developed this surgical method in 2009. During the procedure we make a minimal plastic at the outer lining of the fissure and thereby enable the drainage of the fissure's secretion. Any existing skin tags or polyps are then removed. There is no surgery near or involving the sphincter muscle. The small, gentle operation does not produce new pain and the fissure usually heals within a few weeks.

Which advantages does the MIFP method offer?

  • The method works on chronic fissures and on fissures with abscess as well
  • Complications such as lesions of the sphincter muscle do not occur
  • Follow-up treatment is easy and takes no additional time
  • The operation results in a very short period of incapacity and time off of work
  • 100 percent success rate

When should an anal fissure be operated?

Most, even chronic, anal fissures heal without surgery. In rather rare cases, if the fissure does not heal after our non-operative treatment, the minimally invasive MIFP surgery is performed.

How long does the treatment take to perform?

The surgery itself takes about one hour. Our Patients can usually return home the next day or one day later. They can travel home without any problem with any means of transport.

Do patients stay in contact with the surgeon after their operation?

All patients contact us as soon as they are at home, and then about every three days until full recovery. The healing process is thus constantly monitored by the surgeon.